Kidsco Projects / Childsplay Event Services

General Terms and Conditions

In these terms Unices Ltd and its trading names of Childsplay Event Services and Kidsco Projects of Briar House Caldbec Hill Battle TN33 OJR are referred to as Kidsco.
1. Any dissatisfaction with the service provided by Kidsco or our sub contractors should be notified immediately to the Kidsco event manager or supervisor on site. Claims cannot be accepted or dealt with after the event unless this has been done.
2. Whilst every effort will be made to complete all contracts and bookings as specified, the total liability of Kidsco in 'any' circumstances is limited to the maximum value of our contract with the client.
3. Where Kidsco employ sub contractors and Artists as part of a package at events, our liability for ‘no show' or dissatisfaction with the service or entertainment provided is limited to the value of our contract with those service suppliers.
4.In the event of inclement or unsuitable weather the full fee will still be payable for services and entertainments provided.
5.. It is the organisers/clients responsibility to notify Kidsco of any access problems to the venue, or limitations within or at the venue relating to the service we are to provide. If for any reason we are unable to provide the service due to unreasonable access, or lack of access, or unsuitable venue, this will be treated as a cancellation of our service and cancellation conditions will apply.
6.. Kidsco reserve the right to refuse, without explanation, access to any activity or piece of equipment for reasons of Health and Safety or suitability.
7. Kidsco will only operate within accepted standards of Health and Safety and our staff on site reserve the right to refuse to provide services that contravene those standards or the terms of our insurance.
8. If the performance time is extended then a fee equivalent to the full fee divided by the number of hours will be used as the fee payable per additional hour or part thereof.
9. Payment terms are strictly 7 days, unless otherwise quoted or agreed in writing. These terms take preference over any client existing payment terms.
10. Cancellation terms apply once a booking has been accepted, either verbally or in writing. Kidsco cancellation terms apply and take preference over any such terms in clients standard terms. Unless otherwise indicated, For cancellations more than 6 months 25% of contract value. For cancellations more than 3 months, less than 6 months 50%. More than 1 month, less than 3 months 70%. Cancellations within 1 month of the event 100%.
11. Whilst Kidsco will endeavour to complete all contracts as fully and successfully as possible we can accept no liability for circumstances beyond our control.
12. Future bookings for artists contracted by Kidsco

for a client or bookings arising from an introduction should be handled by this office for a period of 13 months from this event or a payment of commission will be due.