Hocus Pocus is our new event for 2011. It is set in the courtyard of and against the backdrop of the magical castle ... its a mixture of Medieval Village Fayre, Pantomime, Harry Potter and Knights of the Round Table. The centrepiece you see as you arrive is the castle itself, lit from below to make it even more dramatic. In front of the Castle is the Village square, surrounded by fencing, with trees in the corners. There are various other 'village square' props. The square is the domain of the Jester and the 'Village Idiots' who appear at regular intervals with their set pieces of mayhem and fun to cause there own brand of chaos. There is non stop activity in the square, with comic shows, magic and juggling as well as
3 performances of the dramatic set piece spectacular show (varies according to venue ... but including a special high aerial act). To compliment this there are
another 3 performances of our very special childrens puppet/story show in one of the rooms.

As always with a Kidsco party there are loads of activities to take part in, from sideshows and Christmas craft work-
shops thro to the Broomstick Ride, Face Painting and especially for the younger ones
a large soft play area accessed thro a canopy from the main party area. Father Christmas of course makes his usual appearance, but this time he has a new grotto
in a room lit by glittering moving lights, in a new location, with a little more space for
those that want to queue and easy access for those important presents

All the time there is action, colour, non stop entertainment and the sounds of people
enjoying themselves at the '

With Kidsco events you can use your own offices/venue, caterers etc and arrange as little or as much of the event as you wish. Or sit back and let us make it all happen for you with our excellent party caterers and venue sourcing service .... Dont forget to ask us about well chosen Presents or our themed goody boxes as well

Olde Fayre' by the Castle

This is a fast paced and fully interactive 2+ hour event for children of all ages 1 - 100.

Prices from around £2000.00 to suit size and situation

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